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Top 15 training myths

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  1. You have to eat big, to get big.
    • To build muscles you need to create a caloric surplus. There are 2 types of caloric surpluses. Lean bulking which has between 200-300 kj over maintenance calories and Dirty bulking which has 300kj plus over maintenance calories. The large excess of calories over 300 kj is called dirty bulking which leads to weight gain, a small part muscle mass and much more fat.
  2. Fasted cardio burns more fat
    • The idea is simple “When you wake up your glycogen level is low. So if you do cardio right after, you will burn fat as energy”. This idea does not work because at the end of the day it all comes down to Calories IN vs Calories Out
  3. You need BCAA to build muscle.
    • If you eat enough protein a day you don’t need BCAAs.
  4. You have to eat protein every few hours.
    • For the protein synthesis process to be optimal, you must eat between 4-5 meals a day. Scientific studies have shown that it is of no benefit if you eat more often than that.
  5. Bodybuilder and lifting workouts are for men only.
  6. You can spot reduce body fat
    • Many people think that if you are fat and start working your abdomen, you will start to lose weight on the abdominal area. When you start to lose weight most people (with small exceptions) simultaneously lose weight from the head and soles to the middle of the body. Men reach the abdominal area to weaken the last part and women around the buttocks.
  7. Muscle building supplements.
    • If we talk about steroids and PED it really helps.
      The definition of the word supplement is “a thing added to something else in order to complete or enhance it.” If you have a diversified diet you do not need any supplements.
  8. Protein is the only macro that matters.
    • To have a hormonal balance you need good fats and everything that comes from fat and carbs.
  9. Confuse your muscle.
    • You don’t have to change the exercises weekly or do something abstract to confuse the muscle due to body adaptation. It doesn’t work that way. To grow optimally in muscle mass you must perform the same exercises several times until you master them and do progressive overload.
  10. 8 reps to build muscle
    • All exercises build muscle as long as you are consistent and progressively overload.
  11. You need to work to failure every set.
    • If you are a beginner, you don’t even have to be close to failure. Recovery is an important factor in muscle growth.
  12. I don’t go to the gym because I don’t like being big
    • Many have the impression that if they lift weights for a month they will end up being like HULK. To grow muscle mass you need: Nutrition, a training plan customized to your goals, time and consistency.
  13. Having protein right after workout.
    • It only works if you do intermittent fasting because you really need protein. If you eat 4-5 meals a day it is not necessary. Protein eaten before training is sufficient for protein synthesis.
  14. Cardio kills your gain.
    • Depends. If you do intensive cardio before workout,  you will not be able to lift weights in optimal conditions, because you will have tired muscles. It is recommended about 150 minutes of medium-stretch cardio per week. If you do not recover from cardio, then take it easier.
  15. No carbs at night.
    • To gain weight you need to be in excess calories. At the end of the day what matters is the balance between Calories IN versus Calories OUT.