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Everything you need to know to lose weight

To lose weight healthy you need to go through the following steps:

Weigh yourself

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Where? Before you weigh yourself, you must decide where to position the scale. You will position your scale in that same place every time you weigh yourself.
When? When you wake up and before consuming something, but after using the toilet. If you drink water and then weigh yourself logically, add the water you drink on the scale.
How? Preferably weigh yourself in your underwear.

Track calories

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Now that you know when and how to weigh yourself, start writing down your weight in an application and weigh yourself every day for a week. Download a calorie tracking program (eg Cronometer, Myfitnesspal) and measure all your calories for a week. Depending on the weight you have on the next week, you can add, subtract or stay in calorie maintenance.

Go safe


Healthy weight loss should be between 0.5% and a maximum of 1% of your body weight per week. The first week in general may be longer because you lose a lot of water at first. In maximum caloric deficit 500 calories / day from maintenance calories.

Tips and personal advice

Start looking at the nutritional table of each food you buy. Pay attention to macronutrients and choose what suits you best. Buy according to your taste and perceive the idea that healthy food does not mean tasteless food.

Never drink your calories on diet. You already have few calories to consume.

Because for many of you this is new information, I want to specify that it does not have to be perfect at first. If you don’t have the patience to count calories because of your lifestyle, it’s no problem, but you still have to weigh yourself in the morning after using the toilet.

Whether we are talking about losing weight, gaining muscle mass or learning a foreign language, there are no shortcuts. It must be a balance in daily life or the body suffers. Don’t forget that we are talking about a lifestyle change and not something for a short period of time.

Understand that if you have been eating unhealthy for 20 years, you will not repair your body by simply eating healthy for a month. See the example here with the cigarette. You will get the idea 🙂

At the end of the day, it all comes down to Calories In and Calories Out.(If you have been fasting for 12 hours and then you have eaten fast food in only one hour, more than the maintenance calories, you will still gain weight.)

Calorie tracking is not mandatory but it is good to weigh the food because you get an idea of macronutrients, micronutrients and volume.

The day you know you don’t have high physical activity, try to eat food high in protein and fiber. Protein and fiber are very filling but do not provide a high energy intake. Energy is given by carbohydrates and fat, so consume more carbohydrates and fats on the day with more physical activity, especially before and after training.

When counting your weight, don’t expect to lose weight in a downward direction. The counting looks like a chart with ups and downs but on the month you should see a difference in weight. Otherwise reduce the number of calories.

Don’t trust applications that count exercise. Many applications  overestimate  burned calories.

It’s a good time to learn a little about low calorie high density food

Don’t remove any macronutrients from your diet. Protein and fiber are the key to satiety and all macronutrients are the key to health.

Very important

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Do not make a high caloric deficit at first to produce a shortcut in the weight loss phase. When you lose weight chaotically you produce a hormonal change and the tendency to eat becomes much higher producing the Yoyo diet effect. Even if you are one of the lucky few who can resist the feeling of eating very well, what will you do when your body adapts to those few calories that you eat now. When the body adapts to the few calories you give it, it will refuse to lose weight and then you have to bring something new or reduce the already few calories or bring cardio to increase the caloric deficit. Low calorie and high intensity cardio is not sustainable at all.

The simple conclusion is not to crash diet.


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